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Tom Clapson
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Course introduction

Tom Clapson
A level Sociology
Sociology is about explaining the reasons for peoples’ behaviour. You will discuss important topics such as crime and deviance, environmentalism, religion, politics, Black Lives Matters and LGBT rights and how they influence our lives.




This is a stimulating course where you will reflect on a wide range of issues including:

  • How the media can cause crime
  • Why childhood in our society is disappearing
  • Why education can be damaging for society
  • Why people join cults or become terrorists
  • Why birth rates fallen whilst divorce rates have risen

Specific course entry requirements

College entry (please refer to the Entry Requirements section for further details).

How will I be assessed?

100% Examination which are made up of 3 exams at the end of Year 13.

What will I study?

During the course you will develop your understanding of crime and deviance, education, beliefs in society and the family. The criminology module will ask you to consider if crimes like drug use and prostitution actually serve a positive function in society; does the government lie, cheat, kill, steal and then cover up their crimes as they have the power, control and wealth; statistically, why do certain ethnic minorities commit more crime and why do women commit less? In Education, you will look at the purpose of the system we have in the UK; why girls always do better than boys and why working class people are potentially disadvantaged by the education system. 

Pre-course materials

Course activities to prepare for your SJR studies.

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Bridging materials

For year 11 students who have applied and joining us in year 12

Where will this course lead me?

Sociology is an excellent course to study for a wide range of careers. Universities welcome applicants who have studied Sociology as they have developed an awareness and understanding of the processes within modern British society. Studying Sociology can lead to careers in journalism, education, social care, health, police, armed forces, business, law, the media and politics.

Sociology, Business Studies, Mathematics
Isabella Parsons
Sociology, Business Studies, Mathematics
Where next?
Edge Hill – Professional Policing

Nurturing rising talent

Our Elective Programme is designed to help you develop your gifts and interests as part of an enhanced level 3 programme. We will help you realise your potential by nurturing your talent and preparing you for study at the most prestigious universities or for progression to competitive higher-level apprenticeships. Your options range from our Honours Programme, which might include following a fourth A level, to specialist Futures Programmes that will support your career goals.

Competitive sport

The college has a number of teams that play as part of the Association of College’s league and are very competitive each year. We play games on a Wednesday afternoon, so this will make up part of your time-table.

There will be trials for male and female football, male and female rugby league and netball on Wednesday 9th September at 1.30pm, meet at the Sports Hall. Following trials will be a pizza and soft drink meeting in the Sports Hall to give you more information on the season. Hockey and Basketball will follow during the first week. Details will be emailed.

  • Male Football
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  • Male Rugby League
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  • Netball
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