Future Officers

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Course introduction

Discover what it takes to become an officer and leader in the uniformed services. You will have the opportunity to work alongside key partners from HM Prison Service, Greater Manchester Police and Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service. Involvement in charity and fundraising events are at the core of this elective alongside trips to universities, OAA activities, Duke of Edinburgh award and visits to the military.

Who should follow the programme?

Students who have a keen interest in a career in uniformed services. This elective allows students to learn about the values and attitudes required to attain a leadership role in this challenging but unique sector.

What activities can you expect to experience?

The elective includes leadership and teamwork activities, study of major incidents, criminology and expedition skills (Duke of Edinburgh) and an insight into the government. There is a focus on the physical preparation for the recruitment process for each service which includes undertaking scenario workshops and specialist industry events and therefore enhancing skills needed for employment. The elective combines classroom-based study with exciting outdoor activity. Involvement in charity and fundraising events are at the core of this elective.

What about trips and visits?

• HM Prison Hindley

• Greater Manchester Police

• Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue

Service Wigan

• University of Central Lancashire


• Army Trip

• Woodland Experience (expedition skills)

• Volunteering/charity work

You will develop the following employability skills:

This elective will equip you with the necessary knowledge, understanding and skills required

for direct progression into a broad range of roles and you will be able to develop skills in teamwork and leadership, organisation and negotiating and creativity and flexible thinking. You can expect an engaging elective as it has been designed with significant input from employers.

What will this elective lead to after SJR?

On successful completion of this elective you will have gained the necessary knowledge to be able to follow a career in the services such as Police, Fire and Rescue, Ambulance, Prison and Armed forces or a role within the private security industry. Alternatively, you will be able to apply directly to universities of your choice to study policing and criminal investigation, paramedic practice, forensic science and law with criminology or specific public services degrees.

Nurturing rising talent

Our Elective Programme is designed to help you develop your gifts and interests as part of an enhanced level 3 programme. We will help you realise your potential by nurturing your talent and preparing you for study at the most prestigious universities or for progression to competitive higher-level apprenticeships. Your options range from our Honours Programme, which might include following a fourth A level, to specialist Futures Programmes that will support your career goals.

Competitive sport

The college has a number of teams that play as part of the Association of College’s league and are very competitive each year. We play games on a Wednesday afternoon, so this will make up part of your time-table.

There will be trials for male and female football, male and female rugby league and netball on Wednesday 9th September at 1.30pm, meet at the Sports Hall. Following trials will be a pizza and soft drink meeting in the Sports Hall to give you more information on the season. Hockey and Basketball will follow during the first week. Details will be emailed.

  • Male Football
  • Female Football
  • Male Rugby League
  • Female Rugby League
  • Netball
  • Basketball
  • Hockey